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Kym writes both with a partner and as a single author. For books published in collaboration with Beverly Hafemeister– check out their partnership author page here on this website or their business website: We Got It All Wrong.


Kym McBride is a Psychic/Medium who works with clients both alive and dead. You can find out more about her and her profession @

Due to her fascinating work with her then client, Beverly Hafemeister, Kym found the latent desire to put her sessions with this client into a book, which opened her to the publishing world.

The first release of book one in the We Got It All Wrong series was published in December 2016. And that single experience has launched Ms. McBride into a furry of publishing more books in the partnership and now in late 2017, she released her first single-authored Kindle Short.

*What is a Kindle Short? To be consided a “short”, it’s based on how long it takes to read a book. A short is any Kindle book that can be read in 15 minutes up to 2 hours. There are many genres that can be considered a short on the Kindle platform, a short story, a quick read on how to fix something, poetry, etc.  [Check out this link for Shorts on Amazon page]

Kym has learned so much as she has ventured into the publishing world, so she has decided to offer short How to books for writers hoping to publish. Her first published works: How To Get to 1st Draft Without Writing: Speak your next book. 


Final- 1932x2500 Kindle How To Speak your next bookJust under 40 pages, McBride takes you on a short journey to learn how to use free apps to record your spoken word into a written manuscript without having to get it transcribed by anyone else.

It’s a simple and cheap way to get what’s in the authors head on to the computer in written words.

It’s so simple even the least techie person can do it.

(Note: to record your book, it’s cost you is $0 but if you want to do some other things with the book, there are some apps and programs listed in Resources that you could invest in, but you DO NOT HAVE TOThis Short is a complete program for nothing more than the cost of the Kindle book. 

McBride intends on publishing many shorts over the 2018 year. Here are a few topics (working titles); Check back often to see the Shorts that are published.

  1. QR codes: making your book interactive
  2. How to do Video – the OBVIOUS!
  3. How to record audio/store and insert into Kindle books 
  4. How to make and track Lead magnets in your products
  5. How to use Vellum to make print books and Kindles.
  6. How to make and print interactive books
  7. An Anal Girls organization to publishing (checklists)

McBride’s single-authored first series is hitting the stands in 2018.

Myth’s and Misnomers & Other Cool Sh*t Ghosts Told Me: Ghost Children is book one in the series (3 books total)

FRONT ONLY MM Ghost Children

Ghost Children is published in McBride’s chosen publishing style of transcriptions. She loves to publish these accounts in the clean and honest way in which they were first experienced. [He said, she said]

She never wants to ‘summarize’ these fabulous meetings, she wants her readers to experience the conversations in the ghosts own words, reflections, and terminology.

You will learn that there are many myths about ghosts out there by the TV media that has influenced (wrongly she might add) for generations. Being a ghost is an experience some souls find themselves in- not as a punishment but as an intense learning experience.

Check out this new series here at SE Imprints and on her own site:

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