Author of Children’s books and Non-fiction books


Press Release: Callaghan just signed with SE Imprints in the summer of 2017

The ever recluse Callaghan from @ Tales Of Callaghan has just signed to work with the small 1st-time author publishing house of SE Imprints. The soon to be published author has been sharpening her children’s stories over the last few years but had not yet published.

Callaghan says she wanted to work on her craft before she moved into the publishing world. She has a few friends already published and she knows becoming a published author demands many other skills needed to be a success.

She has been on the waiting list at SE Imprints from the moment they hung out their shingle, they only take on a few choice clients a year. An opening came a year earlier then she expected, but she feels she is in good hands with this small house.

Since applying for the initial placement at SE Imprints as a children’s author in early 2016, Callaghan had decided that she also wanted to venture into non-fiction books. She saw a niche market for logbooks on different subjects. And the powers that be at SE Imprints were very interested in pursuing this area with her.

She’s starting with an issue that is very close to her personally. She has had a lifelong struggle with insomnia, and as time went on, it was getting worse, not better. She realized that she needed a simple way of recording the behaviors she had that might account for her lack of sleep, so she can find a solution. And the idea of a log book was created.

Her first logbook (30-days) is Insomniac’s Log: A Daily Journal To Identify Issues That Keep Sleep At Bay.

 It’s scheduled to hit the print book market in January 2018.

We questioned Callaghan if she still intends to publish her children’s stories? She said yes, but she thinks getting her toe in the water with LogBooks might be just thing for this first-time “gun shy” author.

She has 4 other logbooks on the list, whether she puts a hold on her children’s books to get all the logs out first, we’ll just have to wait and see.