SE Imprints takes you from start to finish in the book publishing world. We offer services that demystify the world of publishing. Many times we start to work with you in the process before you even start the book.  We believe that explaining the entire process of how a book gets published is crucial to the enjoyment of the process of a writing project. We feel that many people who give up their dreams are because they don’t fully understand the process before they put pen to paper.  We hope that working with us very early in the process, allows success and fulfilled dreams to be in the future of a first-time author.

Our services a determined on at what stage in the writing process our client is at.  Some come before they start writing and others find us as the book is completed. Our services are varied based on this criteria.

General Services:

ALL clients, regardless of what stage of the writing process they are in are required to go through our signature program “Publishing World Overview and Wake up Training”. (This is an on-line training that is part lecture/training and part busting up ‘illusions’ that all writers think or secretly believe.

We TEACH you how to be your own self-publishing company. Whether you help others or you just produce your own works.

We work with a variety of freelance editors (developmental, copy and proofreader and our cold reader (this is our special sauce editor ) who, depending on what stage the author is in, work directly with the manuscript.

We work on completing all Library of Congress hoop jumping (to hit the huge audience in the library system)  CIP,  PICP, LCCN



Setting up distribution company accounts and understanding all the legal ease. (setting up systems to collect data)

Material for front matter of books (testimonials, Forewords, title pages, lead magnets, etc.)

Material for back matter of books (glossary, lead magnets, bio’s, author notes, etc.)

Writing blurbs, elevator speeches

Book cover design

Author website design and implementation

Logo’s and other Brand development materials

Email collection and automation

Platform building (through emails, or social media)

Book printing

Launch building (book reviewers, raving fans, promoters, influences, and media)


Marketing and EDUCATION on the changing landscape of publishing.

Image re-do (working with a stylist on your professional image)

Photo shoots (author bio shots, marketing material)

And anything else we deem needed for your success!


Because we are a small company, we are limited to how many clients we can work with.  So please, if you’re interested in being considered for our services, please contact us through our “Contact Page.”  The few spaces available per year are very limited, be sure to get your name on the list.


Currently, we have NO OPENINGS for new clients until 2022.