Tracy McBride


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Traci McBride has been a professional Stylist for 10 years (2017 was her companies 10 yr. anniversary).  She has been helping both men and woman with their personal image, both for their personal life and their business life.

Traci is so much more than someone that assists on helping to design the personal look for her clients; she helps them find the confidence in expressing their personal style, which shows off the best of themselves even if it’s to their children’s sports events!

We’re told that our other author, Kym McBride, has been pushing her sister, Traci to write a book for over 3 years. And we can’t be more pleased that not only did she decide to do it, but she hired us to help her get this book come into the world!

Debut book :

Released for a limited print: Mastering Your Evolving Style: 30-day Wardrobe Planning Journal. (Client version)

This first print was designed for a specific group, Tee’s personal clients. It was also intended to be used in her public speaking events.

Tee, as she is known by her clients, has taken her personal training that happens in the closet and gave her clients a reminder on tips and tricks, and how to care for their wardrobe in a small book that has an added benefits to allow for logging what they wore and what items need some maintenance.

It’s a handy little purse size book. It was such a huge hit with her clients, Ms. McBride is launching a larger book for the general public in late February 2018.