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Timprint-logo-png-transparent_jhank you for finding us! We are a small publishing company that was started in early 2016. Our company’s inception was inspired by the plight of the first-time author who is impassioned to break into the publishing world yet has no idea how to make it happen.  We are dream makers for these fine folks.

SE Imprints is proud to announce: As of December 2017, we have helped 4 clients to accomplish their publishing dreams. Our clients are:

1. Our first clients: The team of Hafemeister and McBride from

2. Traci McBride, from TeeMcBee Consulting (yes, and the sister of our first client)

3. Callaghan from   Her book will be launching Jan. 2018

4. And our first team client is breaking out on her own, Kym McBride from her debut book as a single author, published Dec. 2017.

And we are excited to give you a sneak peek about a new author that has just signed with SE Imprints.  She’s a poet, short story, novella writer:

Ms. Sharon Arthur. 

Keep an eye out for news about her books Spring of 2018

 This following lists of published books by our clients: (most current is on top)

Coming soon: Not yet published but we are in the final dash for publication of our newest client, Callaghan. Publication Date, January 2018


She is both a children’s author and a non-fiction author. Her debut book is in non-fiction: Insomniac’s Log: A Daily Journal To Identify Issues That Keep Sleep At Bay. Publish date is scheduled for Jan. 2018.

For more information check out her client page.

Dec 2017: Can’t keep a busy woman down. Kym McBride is branching out into non-fiction short reads on Kindle.

Final-kindle-Teal-red cover- speak your first draftShort reads” are books that can be read in as short of time as 15 minutes to 2 hours in length. Ms. McBride has learned so much in the writing and production of books (with our help of course) that she has ventured out into publishing the How-Tos of different aspects of the journey. Her first short is, How to Speak Your Next Book: Writing Your First Draft Without Typing. Published on Kindle Dec. 2017.

For more information on Shorts, see her client page.

Dec 2017: First journal offering by Hafemeister & McBride.

WCJ-front-cover-v4 copy

Writer’s Coloring Journal: A handcrafted Visual Art Collection, For exploration of Colors and Written Words

A jumbo writing journal (8 1/2 x 11, 246 pages) with lovely images created by one of the authors family are highlighted in this book. Eleanor Hafemeister & her brother, Arthur Hofmann’s art is used as the line art in this book. The art was created between the 1930’s- 1950’s. Also, shared are detailed bios of both artists as a tribute from the authors of the book.  It’s an interesting addition to inspire the readers to maybe write their own family histories.

Dec. 2017: We broke into the Kindle world with our clients: Hafemeister and McBride.

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Kindle Box set of: We Got It All Wrong series, Book 1 and Companion Workbook was release on Kindle Dec 2017.

Buy Kindle Box Set on Amazon

For more details on these books see Client page on this website


Oct. 2017: Our 2nd client has hit the ground running: Traci McBride, from Tee McBee Consulting, has her first published book:

TMB-front-cover-v1-600x898Traci McBride’s Mastering Your Evolving Style: 30-day Wardrobe Planning Journal was released Oct 2017.

It’s in limited print for use for her personal client list and for Speaking Engagements. Ms. McBride will be publishing a larger book of the same name for the General Public in late February 2018.

For more information on the book check out her client page.


May 2017: The second book by our authors, Hafemeister & McBride

1276x1688 WGIAW Workbook cover PDFCompanion Workbook: We Got It All Wrong: death and grief, heaven and hell and mental illness

Released in May 2017 to complement the 1st book in the We Got It All Wrong Series.  [ Book 2 in series is scheduled late 2018]

Buy Book on Amazon

For more details about the book see Client page.

Dec. 2016: Our very first client(s) that have completed the entire publishing process with our company: Hafemeister & McBride

We have been working with this dynamic duo, Beverly Hafemeister, and Kym McBride to bring this work to market. We launched their debut book on December 1, 2016,


Hafemeister & McBride challenge long-held beliefs on such topics as death and grief, heaven and hell and mental illness. And throws in metaphysical concepts, paranormal experiences, and spiritual base views.

  Buy Book on Amazon

See their client page for more details on their books.



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