Their first book: We Got It All Wrong: death and grief, heaven and hell, and mental illness  published December 2016.

In December 2017 they released book One in a Box Set on Kindle with the Companion Workbook for the same series.

An audiobook on book one is in production.

Book One Blurb:

What is life like after physical death?

Can it really be a simple heaven or hell? Our life on Earth is complex so perhaps heaven or hell are equally complex. Where does our soul journey before, during, and after our physical life? Is there really a life before this one? Beverly’s exploration of her own soul’s journey offers surprising possible answers.

When she discovered her dear friend had passed on, Beverly’s intense grief triggered a psychic awakening that opened her to unexpected interactions with ghosts, crossed spirits, spirit guides, and souls trapped in their own personal hells.

With the help of psychic medium Kym McBride, Beverly’s extraordinary journey through mental wards led to the revelation of answers to the unknown enigma of the journey of all souls. More specifically for Beverly, she uncovered answers to mysteries in her family history, including her mother’s suicide.

Both women are challenged throughout to explore their own beliefs, many which they were unaware they held. These same beliefs were covert motivators to how they viewed and interacted in the world. This book invites you to experience the journey as it unfolds and bear witness to how beliefs held by many are so wrong.

The second book published by this team was in May 2017. The Companion Workbook: We Got It All Wrong: Book 1

Book Blurb for Workbook:

When was the last time you thought deeply about Death? Have you ever thought about the style in which you Grieve? Yeah, you heard right—your style. What about Heaven? Do you hope to go there? What’s heaven all about? And, what about the big scary one—Hell? What if the words Mental Illness popped out of someone’s mouth to describe you or a loved one? All of these topics involve challenging questions, and that’s exactly what we intend to do—challenge you! This workbook is not for the faint of heart; it is full of WORK! The questions will assist you as you explore your deepest beliefs about these five challenging topics, which frighten away all but the courageous. This workbook is a companion to our first book, We Got It All Wrong; death and grief, heaven and hell, and mental illness. This book will enable you to uncover how your current beliefs may be contributing to your suffering. In your lifetime how many friends/relatives have died? Your beliefs about death are affecting the way you deal with your loss, which shows how you handle grief. When you stop to look at grief you’ll be gobsmacked that you’re coping with grief all the time. It’s not just about the death of people but about dreams and relationships, too! We invite you to face your beliefs, look them squarely in the eye so you can make the adjustments you feel are necessary to live the life you were destined to enjoy. Come on! You can do it! We’ll be here to help you along the way. Plus we put some charming hand-drawn sketches inside for you to color as you meditate on the questions, making your trip full of beauty and sprinkled with whimsy. We’ve thrown down the gauntlet; are you brave enough to pick it up?

Kindle Box Set for We Got It All Wrong Book 1 & Companion Workbook

It finally came to Kindle but with a twist!

Being that a workbook is not very useful as a Kindle, our authors put in a twist!  They removed all the original artwork in the print book (the coloring part) and replaced it with 13 audio recordings that will play while the person is working on the questions in the book.

This additional information is new and has new stories and views that were not in the print book (hint: you might be seeing a new edition print book in the future) Great way for the readers to connect to the authors of this book. But beware- these two are a hoot!

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Writers Coloring Book Journal is released December 2017

This team is creative! Beverly has a collection of artwork that was created between 1930 thru the 1950’s by two close relatives. Her mother Eleanor Hafemeister and her uncle Art Hofmann were the artists. To pay respect to the artist of the past by using their creations as the line art in this book. (as a bonus there are bios on both these artists in the book- they each had an art-filled life!)

The team of H&M put together a book for other creatives. It’s a BIG book (240 pages) with lots of room to work, to journal and keep tidbits of information for writing projects.