Study Groups

Some of our author’s books are great offerings for study groups:


The book, We Got It All Wrong: death and grief, heaven and hell and mental illness by Hafemeister and McBride was designed to be enjoyed by study groups. At the end of each chapter, the authors inserted three personal growth questions, to allow the reader to delve deeper into the chapter material.

Inside the books cover (front and back) they offer a free downloadable 30-page workbook that is a nice accompany piece while reading the book that asks more questions on each chapter.

In this same vein of delving deeper in the material and offering the reader not the answer, but a chance to contemplate their feelings and thoughts on the book topics, the authors are working on a full companion workbook for this book 1 in the series, due out in early 2017.

So, We Got It Wrong would offer study groups an easy and fulfilling addition to their group’s agenda.

Also coming in 2017: The audio version of the book.

Coming in late 2017: We Got It All Wrong: book 2 in the series


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