We are still setting up a page for book lovers to buy our clients books in bulk for book clubs, grief support groups, study groups, etc.

We will be able to supply you directly for your needs in these bulk situations.  For purchase of individual books, we suggest you purchase them through such sites as In the mean time while we finalize the new store format, please send us a contact form (see that page) if you are interested in these bulk purchases. We will get back to you with a PDF of the prices and descriptions of the products.

Support Groups


Book Clubs

And PLEASE be sure to leave reviews on the books of our clients on the sites that you purchased them and also on Amazon and Goodreads. All our authors (after they publish) will have an author page you can leave your reviews to the works.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting first-time authors.


The Staff at SE Imprints




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